Let me introduce myself: Vladimir Vladimirovich Beliakov, Doctor of Science (History). My specialisation is Egypt. I worked in this country for 15 years, from 1986 till 2000, as a correspondent of leading Russian newspapers PRAVDA and later TROUD. Data collected during this period became a basis of my research. Since 2002 I work at the Institute of the Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. I also work as professor of the Military University (Moscow), faculty of foreign languages, lecturing on Egypt. Main topic of my research is Russian-Egyptian human relations in their historical context before Nikita Khruschev and Gamal Abdel Nasser. I also pay permanent attention to current problems of Egypt ant its touristic potential. All my books and the great majority of my articles were written in Russian (see pages КНИГИ & СТАТЬИ of the Russian version of the site). But some articles were also written in English (see page PUBLICATIONS).